All you need to know about payment options when placing an order with us.
We offer a number of payment options when placing an order with us.
  • Payfast Pay Button
  • Money transfer with Wise.Com
  • Debit / Credit Card Authorisation Payment
  • VISA & MasterCard accepted
    (all transactions will be processed at the Pharoah Gallery in Wilderness in South African Rands)
Unfortunately we are unable to process American Express transactions at this time.

We deliver worldwide and we'd like to offer you an introductory offer when you sign up and place your first order! *
Simply sign up and when you check out, type intro10 into the coupon code to apply your discount.

  • Sign up and Login
  • Select the items you are interested in
  • Choose Add to Cart then proceed to checkout.
  • Type in the code intro10  “in the coupon box
  • Press Apply to calculate your discount on the order (10% DISCOUNT*)
  • Continue shopping or press the Send Enquiry button and we will respond with the total order cost including delivery, freight, packaging, insurance and other related charges. (all deliveries exclude duties, taxes and handling fees that may be payable at destination)
* Please note that discounts apply to the purchase of artworks and prints only - all delivery costs incurred including packaging, insurance, delivery, customs & taxes are excluded from the discount amount and will be charged on confirmation of the final order.

Please note that the checkout does not result in any fees being charged.
You are merely sending an order request for specific items so we can work out freight fees and confirm availability of the artworks listed in your Order Enquiry.

All Orders are Prepaid.
How can I pay for my artwork or print?
Payments can be made online via our Payfast payment facility - a secure online transaction facility via a third party service provider. We do not currently accept PAYPAL payments but are able to accept international bank transfers. Remember all orders must be paid in full before any artworks or prints are packaged and delivered. Please note that prices on our website do not include freight charges unless otherwise indicated.

Download a Credit Card Authorisation document in pdf format.

  • Industry Knowledge
  • Years of Experience
  • Wide Range of Artworks
  • Terms & Conditions Apply
  • Copyright Peter Pharoah

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