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How can I pay for my artwork or print?
Payments can be made via WISE.COM or similar service that offers transaction conversions to South African Rands. You can complete and sign our credit card authorisation form which would be processed at the gallery in Wilderness. (see link below) We do not currently accept PAYPAL payments but are able to accept EFT / international bank transfers. All orders are prepaid. Please note that prices on our website do not include freight charges unless otherwise indicated as we require details regarding the size, quantity and delivery destination. International deliveries may be subject to additional charges for Duties and Taxes but this varies from country to country and we can provide information at the time of placing an order.
Download a Credit Card Authorisation document in pdf format.

What is a giclee print?
All Peter Pharoah giclee art prints are produced on artist quality primed canvas using the finest archival inks currently available.

We produce a high quality inkjet print that allows for a greater complexity of colour and tone. The term 'giclee' is often applied to inkjet reproductions of artworks that were originally produced in another medium.

Giclee prints are generally a combination of dye sublimation and ink jet printing producing a non-impact computer-controlled reproduction in which tiny droplets of ink are projected from nozzles onto the canvas. The result is rich in colour with limited loss of detail and a durable print that in the right conditions will endure for many years.


How will my item be delivered?
Our smaller items are normally sent in tubes and larger items and originals are carefully packaged in boxes designed to protect your frame and print while in transit from our facilities to your home.

We offer a variety of freight options for the Peter Pharoah print collection: Door to Door and Door to Door Express. We utilise the services of a specialist fine art and wine freight handler for all our other deliveries. We reserve the right to change shipping partners as required.

What does delivery cost?
Freight costs are calculated by volumetric weight or size of the package and can be expensive, which is why we prefer to send our prints in tubes however we will work with you in determining the most cost effective means of getting your print to you safely.

What about international import duties?
The international freight charges do not include the applicable import duties or taxes that are due upon entry into the destination country. All duties and taxes are the responsibility of the customer, and must be paid at the time of delivery. It is difficult to provide an estimate of these costs as the policies and prices vary from country to country.
  • Art Prints Tariff number: 4911.91.20 or
    97029000 - Original engravings, prints and lithographs (excl. over 100 years old)
  • Original artwork (paintings): 9701.10.10


How long will my print last?
We are committed to providing you with the highest quality prints possible. When giclee printing was first introduced, the longevity of the inks left something to be desired. In the past decade there have been huge advancements in print longevity due to the the extended permanence of the inks available. We have kept up with these advances every step of the way. All our prints are produced on high quality primed canvas using archival inks and are varnished with a industry specific UV varnish.

The term “archival” is one of the most abused within the inkjet printing industry. It has come to mean that the base product is both acid and lignum free (<1%), a fact guaranteed by the majority of cotton and cotton/polyester base products.

Virtually all canvas products sold by reputable makers for inkjet reproduction are archival by the above definition, yet their makers know that virtually none of them will survive more than 70 years without noticeable fading unless they are liquid laminated or covered by UV protecting glass.

So, the general consensus is that a canvas needs to be laminated or framed with UV protected glass to last longer than you will.

Do you need it to last that long?
Knowing this information, you need to ask yourself how long you actually want the print to last. There will be unavoidable extra costs to frame and laminate your prints, so is it worth it?


Please choose your artwork carefully as we do not accept returns. All items are final sale.

Damaged Artwork
If you notice any serious damage to the outside of the package please do not sign for the delivery and contact us immediately. To avoid accidentally damaging your edition, for example if a work is unframed, leave all unpacking and handling of the artwork to a trusted professional framer or art handler.

If you notice damage upon unpacking your artwork or print, contact us within 48 hours of receiving the artwork with digital images of the damage in order to evaluate the damage and initiate a claim if covered by insurance. Once our insurance agents have investigated, we will provide a report and take appropriate action.

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