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Invest in African Inspired Wildlife, Portrait, Abstract & Tribal Art & Prints, by renowned wildlife artist based in Wilderness, near Knysna, South Africa

Peter Pharoah Fine Art Gallery | Originals & Prints by Peter Pharoah

Featuring original oil paintings, artworks and limited edition prints by Peter Pharoah, an established artist from Africa. Browse & Buy original African art direct from the artist online. We deliver worldwide.

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African Wildlife Originals & Prints
showcasing Peter Pharoah's expressive style in Original Artworks and Prints

African Renaissance - Faces of Africa Portrait Collection

featuring Peter Pharoah's iconic Faces of Africa Portrait Collection

Shades of Grey Reproduction Art Print Series

The popular and iconic Faces of Africa in SHades of Grey with pops of bright colour.

Abstract & Contemporary

Oil on canvas paintings with bold expressive colours, brushstrokes and textures.

Village Life Art Series

A candid and colourful exploration of African village life.

Tribal Art Series

Peter Pharoah paints a moving tribute to a fast disappearing tribal culture and daily life in the rural villages of Africa.

Original oil on canvas and Limited Edition Prints available.
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An African Canvas celebrates Peter Pharoah's contemporary oil paintings and prints featuring his iconic African Renaissance 'Faces of Africa' collection of bold, colourful portraits, abstracts,traditional Tribal and African village life and his African Kaleidoscope collection of Safari, wildlife and bushveld scenes.

Peter Pharoah is an accomplished artist with an intense passion for Africa and his subject, textures and bold use of colour evoke a strong feeling of Africa, it's diverse tribal heritage and amazing wildlife - a collection of contemporary artworks that represent an exceptional tribute to Africa, it's wildlife and people. Prints and originals available.

So why not take a journey into Africa with us....

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Peter Pharoah

Fine Art | Originals & Prints

Bringing you affordable, quality, original artworks and fine art prints on canvas by acclaimed South African artist, Peter Pharoah, delivered to your doorstep worldwide.

If you're looking for Contemporary South African Wildlife Art, Abstracts with a difference, an evocative glimpse of the lost tribes of Africa or superbly executed oil paintings featuring Peter Pharoah's iconic African Renaissance Faces of Africa collection, then look no further...

Peter Pharoah's iconic style is unique and highly collectible. Explore the online exhibition or visit the Peter Pharoah Fine Art Gallery in Wilderness, South Africa and take a special memory home.

Peter Pharoah African Artist

Things I think about when I am painting...

What will I paint today? When I look back to the beginning of 2020 ... Little did we know what lay ahead. This morning, walking into my studio and setting up a canvas feels like an opportunity and a space where I can escape from the madness of the outside world, the doom and gloom and sadness. Art is about self expression and I hope that 2021 will bring out the lion within. Be bold, be brave... Live your dreams Peter Pharoah January 2021

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Peter Pharoah

Fine Artist

Endless Summer is a recent original oil on canvas, inspired by a trip to Namibia many years ago and I decided to revisit an old style that seemed to fit the hazy nature of the Namibian heat, where things are not always what they seem.

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Peter Pharoah

Fine Artist

Whenever I have to send a super big painting overseas, I have sleepless nights wondering if it is going to arrive safely but our freight team rose to the challenge once again and Ubuntu arrived safely in Europe where I am happy to say that the ellies are enjoying life with their new family, despite the cold and snowy weather outside.

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Peter Pharoah

Fine Artist

Elusive, silent and deadly. Spotting a leopard in the wild is always a thrill, they are masters of stealth, one of my favourite animals to encounter when exploring in the African bush.

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Peter Pharoah

Fine Artist

In Search of Inspiration An Artist is only as good as his last painting, and Peter constantly strives to explore new horizons with his art… whether it means a new approach, new technique or style or even a new subject… Luckily for Peter this means that he often gets to visit out of the way places where the heart, soul and spirit of Africa stills beats to its own majestic rhythm. Not all these expeditions are about gathering reference but rather a journey of rediscovery as an artist. An opportunity to reconnect with the African bushveld that reawakens ones love for the simple things like an early morning stroll in the bush or the whispering of the wind in the trees or even the heat of the rocks against your back as you become lost in the vast expanses of the the African skies.

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Peter Pharoah

Fine Artist

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Mar 09 2022

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Dec 26 2021

Take a journey into Africa with Peter Pharoah

Visit the Peter Pharoah Fine Art Gallery in Wilderness and take a special memory home.
Select from his range of African Wildlife and People of Africa original artworks and prints.
Credit Card facilities and world wide delivery available.

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