This October Helping Rhinos and Ol Pejeta Conservancy will take you into the heart of groundbreaking rhino conservation.


Once again, Helping Rhinos and Ol Pejeta Conservancy are teaming up to bring you an awe-inspiring evening of entertainment and enlightenment. Rhino focussed of course, we look forward to bringing you up to date with the latest news of this iconic species and sharing the stunning scenery and wild landscapes we have missed so much these past interminable months, as a result of the COVID pandemic.

This online fundraiser will support 'Conservation in Crisis' at a time when it needs us more than ever!
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We are proud to support the efforts of this amazing team and offer you three opportunities to contribute to a worthy cause and add a Peter Pharoah Fine Art print to your collection.

'Chipembere' by Peter Pharoah 100 x 100cm Limited Edition print on canvas signed on the reverse by the Artist.

'End of Days' print on canvas is a most impressive 40cm x 40cm print on canvas

'Watching’ Giclee Print by Peter Pharoah is a stunning 40cm x 40cm print on canvas

All auction items donated by Peter Pharoah will be signed on the reverse by the artist.

Essential for the long-term survival of both black and white rhino are the 'Rhino Strongholds' we must secure in perpetuity if the rhino is to survive.This is our focus of our event and we do hope you can support us.
A select number of items will be auctioned LIVE at the event.
Our silent auction will close at 19:00 BST on Sunday 24th October.

Wildlife conservation is all too often an account of highs and lows, and we have much to report. Ol Pejeta can rejoice in the fact that, for more than three years there has been zero poaching incidents on the Conservancy. 

But global travel restrictions have devastated wildlife tourism and funding for critical conservation projects has been hit hard.

Every hectare we protect, every additional acre we can secure will help not just the rhino, their habitat and surrounding ecosystem, but local communities, business enterprise, the wider environment and our planet. 

It is, quite literally, that far reaching...

See you there!
Save the Date - 23 October 2021


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