Unfortunately accidents happen...
(Not for the faint hearted!)

If your artwork has a dent or crease, it may be possible to rectify the situation with this simple but effective trick using water and a sponge.

Please note that this only applies to Original oils on canvas, any other medium will destroy the artwork.

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Please note that this only applies to my original oils on canvas. I would not recommend that you do this with any painting before consulting with the artist or your insurers first to ensure that they are comfortable with this solution. (Note we do not take any responsibility for any loss or damage caused to your artwork if you follow these instructions without first consulting an expert.)

Many thanks to my wife Tracey for having faith in me and allowing me to potentially destroy Palesa, one of the African Renaissance Faces of Africa paintings she had chosen to keep for her private collection.

Finally a big shoutout to Lucy Lavender for editing and compiling this video for me.

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