Seeker by Peter Pharoah

Cheetah Original oil on canvas (diptych) by Peter Pharoah

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Seeker is an original artwork in oils featuring a cheetah hunting across the plains of Africa.
Created from reference taken at Amakhala Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape, near Addo Elephant park, South Africa
This artwork is a diptych original by Peter Pharoah
A diptych is a painting in two parts combined and displayed close together to make one artwork.
Art is about how you feel when you look at a painting and in this piece I wanted to create the feeling of a moment captured in time. What the colours looked like, how the textures enhanced the experience and ultimately what immersing myself in that instant felt like as I watched the cheetah catching that first whiff of prey nearby, her nose twitching, her eyes focused and her ears up and alert."

I like to use paint as the poetry to convey the essence of my personal African safari experience, the invisible but palpable hues of nature, the nuances played out in splashes of colours against texture that celebrate Africa in all her mystery and allure... I love the simplicity of getting back to basics and just focusing on the flow of the paint onto the canvas and having the confidence to strip away all the excess and allowing the simplicity of the brush strokes to tell the story.

For me, this is the rhythm of Africa, a kaleidoscope of colour and texture that transports
you to a time and place where the worries and stress of the modern world are left behind. A place to lose yourself in the timeless wonders and pulse of the African bush.

I really enjoyed working on this artwork, which was inspired by a recent trip to Amakhala Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. As an artist, it is an honour and a privilege to use my skills and share my personal encounters with our incredible wildlife heritage through my artworks.

Explore my world...
Immerse yourself in the wonders of Africa as seen through my eyes

Peter Pharoah
Seeker by Peter Pharoah
115 x 115cm x 2 (Diptych)
* NEW  - Limited Edition Reproduction Prints on Canvas launched as part of our 2022 Print Collection  - Available in two sizes.

100cm x 200cm and 100cm x 170cm
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